Touring Productions 2014 - 2016

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 Vasilisa : Model theatre with shadows projected on back parachuteWhere are You Now - full storyboard 



Death in a Nut


This adaptation of a Scottish folktale was commissioned by the 2014 Kicking the Bucket festival.

Dedicated to Malin Bergman and Bernard Andrews


A musician and a storyteller wander with their ocean drum full of stories, and arrive on a sparsely populated island.

Jack is a boy who lives by the sea with his feisty grandmother. When she falls ill, he fights Old Man Death, who shrinks and is thrown out to sea. But strange things start to happen, and  Jack begins to see things differently... Avoiding simple answers, the show explores loss and grief in a safe atmosphere.

The music uses Swedish and Scottish folktunes, and is arranged and played by Liz Andrews on cello and percussion. 


The 25 minute performance is followed by refreshments and an optional, relaxing art activity.



'The feedback from the audience was fulsome and it was described as a sensitively delivered and charming piece which was able to raise some key themes about death and dying in a non-threatening and entertaining way. ' Maggie Parsons, NHS Programme Manager, Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG.


'... upset and happy - Grandma died but then they had a celebration.'  

Victory School Year 5 pupil, Southwark


'Thank you so much ... a beautiful show full of creative imagery and fantastic music and still-echoing stories.'

 Headteacher, Red Balloon, Harrow




Where Are You Now?

Contemplating the emotional effect on families of having a member with a catastrophic brain injury


A shadow puppet play commissioned by the Coma and Disorders of Consciousness Research Centre

Developed in collaboration with Professor Jenny Kitzinger of Cardiff University, and Professor Celia Kitzinger of the University of York.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of both Cardiff University for the initial development of this project, and the University of York for the inaugural performances. 


A soundtrack using the voices from four families who have a relative in a minimally conscious or vegetative state is combined with a sequence of images, exploring the deeply troubling dilemmas of this situation.



The combination of the voices, the music, the intimacy of the performance and the puppets - which were so, so cleverly made, for me was deeply emotive and portrayed so much of the key messages and essence of what we're all trying to get across to others. (Physiotherapist)





Molly Whuppie and other stories : performance storytelling in a huge story lantern.



Meet Molly Whuppie, the feistiest, wittiest lass in Scottish folklore, who deftly overcomes a giant, and the Lemon Princess, expert at re-inventing herself.


Suitable for small theatres, schools and family audiences from the age of 3 upwards.



'...a brilliant opportunity to introduce children to a more traditional way of storytelling where they had to concentrate and use their imaginations' ...  member of Friends of Honeywood Museum, London 2014

A magical atmosphere - and a lovely Christmas treat!' Frost Fair audience member2014


Technical requirements :

Parking and access needs to be near the stage area.

Access to performance area prior to performance : 1 hour

Time taken to dismantle and remove set : 1 hour

Electrical power : One 13 amp powerpoint

Blackout : semi- darkness is required, no skylights.

Space required for set : 2 m deep x 2 m wide x 2 m high