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 Children making shadow shapesDrak and Oli fly round the world 





Discover, design, perform : the light, the screen and the puppet are all dynamic, changeable parts of the shadow theatre experience.

Shadow theatre workshops can liberate the shyest child or adult to make their mark- making into an animated being. We explore each element, and how they can help bring performances to life.




For Sutton's 2016 Imagine Arts Festival we worked with two local high schools to develop a short performance based on H G Wells' novel, using shadow theatre, music and words. 

Shadow techniques taught included back projection, front projection, soft light, hard light, with glass -painted acetate, words printed on acetate , card, and scrap materials for the puppets. 

This project was supported with funding from Arts Council England and the London Borough of Sutton.


We  currently offer bespoke workshops in making and  performing with puppets for all ages and abilities.

For example in a week at one Primary School we worked with teachers developing 'A Midsummer's Night Dream', Victorian Music Hall, Greek myths, Light and Shadow in Science, the Great Fire of London, and traditional fairy tales into a range of different performances given by pupils using shadow puppets.



'Pathways to the North Pole' is an immersive winter project,  taking children on an outdoor trail of arctic footprints, to a polar research station, where they hear the sound of a bearded seal singing under the ice. They have a snack, hear a story, and return to their classes, where a 3-D paper winter landscape awaits their imaginative play. 

'How Night Came' is our immersive summer project, based on a Brazilian folktale, with an eccentric Victorian explorer, Miss Cecilia Cree, leading work on rainforest characters and settings.


Designed for 4 - 7 year -olds, and led by a qualified teacher. Supporting information for teachers,  referencing the National Curriculum, arrives in advance of the visit.




"The feedback was very positive, people loved the shadow puppet workshop - it appealed to the maker in the adults, provided something for the coglings to do, and entertained the crowd. ...perfect."

Ben Henderson, Events organiser,  Surrey Steampunk Convivial 2012


"It is a wonderful tool to develop storytelling skills."
Nichola Oliver, class teacher, Churchill Primary School, Oxted