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 Leaf Figure CartwheelingShadow wavingBill Mudge  : Lemon Princess story lantern close up  


Play of Light 


Welcome to our forest school, storytelling, shadow theatre and community arts collective, led by Karin Andrews Jashapara


Spring 2024


shadow theatre for young audiences :

The Name of the Tree - story from Tanzania


 storytelling for audiences from age 14 up : 

 Cutting the Gordian Knot - tales of courage and quick thinking


Events for all :


A Story Walk through the Woods -

The Lindworm, a nordic folktale tale, in the historic landscape of Oaks Park


 Roots 'n' Wings Forest School (7 to 11 yrs) at Sutton Ecology Centre


Seasonal arts and crafts for adults at Studio 8A, Oaks Park Studios

The Stableyard 

Oaks Park

Croydon Lane, Banstead SM7 3BA