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 'Where Are You Now?' 2015  rehearsal with  'forest head' Vasilisa : Baba Yaga flyingBill Mudge  : Lemon Princess story lantern close up  



Karin Andrews Jashapara - artistic director

Storyteller and shadow theatre designer/writer/performer

Forest School Leader - The London Acorn School 2018 - present

Little Acorns parent - child group leader 2018 - 2023

Storyteller, with shadow / 2D imagery, 2012 - present

Play of Light theatre  - founder, 2007 - present.

'Blue LIke an Apple' for DEFRA and the London Borough of Sutton, 2008 

'Death in a Nut' for Kicking the Bucket Festival, 2014  

Where Are You Now?' for CDOC, Universities of Cardiff and York, 2015

QTS from 2001, Forest School Leadership qualification 2019

English National Opera ; puppeteer for Blond Eckbert by Judith Weir

Mme Souhami & Co ; puppeteer and workshop leader

Horse + Bamboo ; costume and puppet designer and maker, workshop leader

Rhythm Tree Theatre - several  commissioned puppetry works for young people, exploring diverse environmental issues 1986 - 2008

Rhythm Tree Theatre designed and performed adaptation of  Margaret Mahy's The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate 1994

Adapted and Performed  (glove, rod and shadow puppets, piano accordion, clarinet) with Sarha Moore (Saxophone, oboe, percussion )

Peppercorn Puppets  touring nationally 1983 - 5

Tricorn Puppets; apprenticed to Kinny Gardner and Erika Cruttwell as glove and rod puppeteer



Elizabeth Andrews  - Freelance cellist and director of music projects in areas of social deprivation, formerly CEO of The Scottish Ensemble


Will Embliss - musician, composer, instrument designer and maker


Zannie Fraser - director of 'Blue Like an Apple' 2007 also puppeteer and writer, director of Ripstop Theatre


Rachael Nicholson -  director of 'Death in a Nut' 2014, also art therapist, puppeteer and writer



Awards, Commissions and Bursaries 


2016  Cultural Award    Legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Forum 2012 , awarded by the London Borough of Sutton

2016 Commissioned by the Arts Council -funded  Sutton Imagine Arts Festival to create a version of The Invisible Man, with students from two High Schools.

2015  University of York and Cardiff University - funded shadow theatre collaboration with Professor Jenny Kitzinger and Professor Celia Kitzinger, Co-Directors and Co-founders of the Coma and Chronic Disorders of Consciousness Research Centre

2014  Commissioned by the 2014 'Kicking the Bucket' Festival in Oxford to create a version with puppets of Death in a Nut

2013  Imagine Arts Festival - extracts from The Story of Lieutenant Cockatoo by Phyllis Tate and Ronald Eyre

2012  Big Dance funded project : Wandle Valley pupils making and dancing with masks in Sutton Ecology Centre

2011- 2012     Arts Council funded  participatory arts project  : The Conference of the Birds by Farid Ud-Din Attar

2007  DfES  - Commission to write, make and perform Blue Like an Apple, exploring the issues underlying climate change