Le Vieux Crocodile

Death in a Nut - Jack's memories of nan

Tiger leaving



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Summer :


The Lindworm (Norwegian)

The Name of the Tree (Tanzanian)

Tamlin (Scottish)

The Lemon Princess (Persian/Iraqi)




Autumn :


Vasilisa the Wise  (Russian)

The Wolf and the Walker  (Canadian)  

How Night Came (Brazilian)

The Apple Tree Man (English)




Winter :


The Everlasting Shoes (from 1001 nights)

The Hunter and the Fox-Woman (Old Icelandic)

Death in a Nut (Scottish)

The Lindworm (Norwegian)




Spring : 


The Unicorns and the Narwhals (legend - unknown origin)

Assipattle and the Meister Stoorworm (Scottish)

The Cow-tail Switch  (Nigerian - from the telling by Hugh Lupton)