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 Leger-inspired tall shadow puppet at Greenacre SchoolBlue Like an Apple - Oli and Mrs TwiggThe Cow-Tail Switch 


WORKSHOPS : Imagine, design, make, perform  

Our workshops invite people to explore the best of contemporary shadow theatre techniques


The light, the screen and the puppet are all variable elements within shadow  theatre, with huge expressive power.

Shadow theatre workshops permit each participant to animate their own  puppet characters, and find their own voices. 

We explore lights, screens and objects/puppets,  creating performances or 'wall-prints' - shadow projections onto pale walls. 

A live musical accompaniment can be provided by the participants and/or the company.

Workshops can be planned according to the themes or topics that suit each group. 


For example - An introductory two -hour workshop for Year 2 students : 

Aims of workshop : Re-telling traditional tales supported by multi-disciplinary skills including D&T (cutting, shaping, joining), science (materials), literacy (spoken word), art (traditions of shadow puppet theatre, uses of shape, form and space) 

Materials : cereal boxes, shoe boxes, white cotton, scrap card packaging, doyleys, coloured cellophane, lace, netting, wire. Screens either lent by the company or made in advance by students with cardboard boxes and white cotton sheeting.

Equipment : scissors, pencils, split pins, hole punchers, staplers, sellotape, masking tape, kebab sticks 

Structure : 

  • 15 minutes Introduction  - demonstration, short discussion of ideas, and instructions 
  • 1 hour designing and making with technical support from adults where required in cutting, hole punching, assembling 
  • Each student to successfully complete at least one puppet. Early finishers make more puppets, or work on decoration and scenery, begin rehearsing.
  • 10 minutes tidy up space
  • 20 minutes Rehearsal and perfomance - taking role of director, performer, giving contructive comments, strengthening and adjusting the puppets.
  • 15 minutes whole group watch each others' work


Seasonal projects :

'Pathways to the North Pole' is an immersive winter project,  taking participants on an outdoor trail of arctic footprints, to a polar research station, where they hear the sound of a bearded seal singing under the ice. They have a snack, hear a story, and return to their classes, where together we make a 3-D winter landscape for classroom play. 


'How Night Came' is a summer project, based on the Brazilian folktale.

Summer sunshine is wonderful - but where is the calming darkness of night time?

A Victorian explorer, Miss Cecilia Cree, leads exploration of this  'how it became'  comedy, set in the rainforest.


Designed for 4 - 7 year -olds